The Bill


Episode 191

162 x
This police drama series follows the activities in and around Sun Hill, a police station located in the fictional East London borough of Canley.
Episodes 2018

Season 7, Episode 20 (The Corporal Of Horse)

199 x
Marshall is acting sergeant with C relief. She watches one of the relief drive away in an unmarked police car without wearing his tunic after P.C. Smollett points it out. She tries to sort out a problem without backup.

Season 7, Episode 18 (Your Shout)

105 x
Ch. Supt. Brownlow speaks to W.P.C. Marshall about a promotion board. There is a possible child abduction & the mother is complaining that the police weren't fast enough. Marshall feels guilty about not noticing the call.

Season 7, Episode 16 (The Juggler And The Fortune Teller)

102 x
A court case is adjourned. D.C. Martella goes back to the station to warn witnesses. The rape victim is upset. Martella's car is broken into while she is making a call & her briefcase, containing all the exhibits, is stolen.

Season 7, Episode 14 (The Negotiator)

73 x
P.C. Hollis chases a man with a shotgun into a shop. Hollis tries talking the gunman into letting the assistant go. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Garfield check the man's house and find a body upstairs.

Season 7, Episode 12 (Skeletons)

85 x
W.P.C. Ackland finds a man stabbed in his car. Lines's investigation into the incident is impeded by the victim's unhelpful wife. P.C. Hollis and P.C. Stamp discover a number of human skeletons in a supposedly vacant flat.

Season 7, Episode 10 (Careless Whispers)

79 x
D.I. Burnside arrests a man on suspicion of robbery with violence. D.C. Lines and Carver get given wrong addresses. Burnside's suspect is identified in an I.D. parade but it turns out he is not guilty.

Season 7, Episode 8 (With Intent)

64 x
D.C.s Lines & Carver are going to court about a burglary case. The Crown Prosecution Service is reducing the charges against two of the defendants. Carver discovers that documents needed in court are missing.

Season 7, Episode 6 (Something Personal)

69 x
D.C.s Dashwood and Carver are driving along when they notice a man trying to break into a house. His girlfriend has overdosed. Dashwood spots a snout who tells him she took methamphetamine.

Season 7, Episode 2 (Addict)

69 x
Quinnan arrests 2 men in the underground because one has a knife. Sgt. Peters' wife gives him a ride to work. Brownlow, Conway and Reid have a meeting with publicans.

Season 6, Episode 99 (The Greater Good)

48 x
Tosh and Jim are watching a wrecking yard. A car is seen driven into the yard stolen from a man who runs a youth centre. Tosh thinks it is an insurance fraud involving cars disappearing and claimed as stolen.

Season 6, Episode 97 (Saints And Martyrs)

72 x
W.P.C. Ackland investigates a break-in & theft of a pension book. She is told that the C.P.S. won't be taking up her assault case so she brings a private summons. Surprisingly, Ch. Supt. Brownlow defends Ackland later.

Season 6, Episode 94 (Black Monday)

55 x
D.C. Lines catches a bus and sees a man who is supposed to have died five years before. D.I. Burnside thinks it is a wind up. After being spotted by W.P.C. Datta, the man falls into the river, for real this time.

Season 6, Episode 92 (Rules Of Engagement)

101 x
W.D.C. Martella is undercover at a club to investigate a series of armed robberies of musical equipment. She goes outside to call in D.I. Burnside, but a bouncer hits her over the back of the head.

Season 6, Episode 96 (Without Consent)

100 x
A prostitute comes into the station to report a rape. Loxton tells her it is classed as non-payment of goods. June has problems making people treat it as a rape. (Final)

Season 6, Episode 89 (Caught Napping)

32 x
The Metropolitan Police Serious Crimes Squad sweep into Sun Hill and commandeer the station's briefing room, setting a few noses out of joint in the process. They are there to investigate the murder of a police informant.

Season 6, Episode 87 (Now We're Motoring)

30 x
P.C. Hollis helps a man to tow away a car, but he is not the owner. The car owner comes in to complain. He seems to be setting up a deal where he delivers a car across the channel.

Season 6, Episode 85 (Cold Turkey (part 1) Lifeline)

20 x
P.C.s Stamp & Quinnan attend to a sudden death. The deceased was a locum G.P. & Insp. Monroe thinks the death was suspicious. Stamp & Quinnan are called to a disturbance at a flat, where a child is being held hostage.

Season 6, Episode 83 (Double Or Quits)

43 x
W.P.C. French & W.D.C. Martella talk about a career criminal before going to court. Martella's witness is having second thoughts. D.C.I. Reid gets a phone call about Martella referring to previous charges in court.

Season 6, Episode 82 (The Better Part Of Valour)

27 x
D.I. Burnside & D.C.I. Reid attend an accident involving a security van. D.S. Roach thinks it is an inside job. W.D.C. Martella talks to a witness who is worried about the wrong people finding out.