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Season 2
Your winners of the Block 2023 discuss the remarkable auction, their remarkable result and what they have in store next
Hear exclusive inspection day interviews with contests, Block personalities and the judging public! Do they hold the answers for auction day?
The Block homes are ready for the market, but is the market ready for them? Domain’s National Property Editor, Alice Stolz shares her expertise.
The girls talk about realising just how far they've come, body corp blow ups and the big question: have they crafted a competition-winning home?
Block architect Julian Brenchly discusses how he sees each house. Kristy and Brett reveal how they feel about their ‘break-up’ with Leah and Ash.
Darren Palmer clarifies the key design differences between ensuites and other bathrooms. Leah and Ash explain why they felt they had to confront Kristy and Brett.
Why Shaynna’s kitchen non-negotiable has nothing to do with appliances AND how do Eliza and Liberty really feel about Kristy and Brett?
Steph & Gian on whether they're the front runners. Darren’s bedroom musts and mistakes.
How do Kyle and Leslie really feel about their living and dining room decisions? And who is Foreman Dan’s pick of the Block?
Shaynna Blaze queries one team’s costly decision. Kristy & Brett share the many ways they’re messing with their fellow Blockheads - and loving it.
Eliza and Liberty on family fears, Block group chat banter and keeping criticism constructive. Marty reveals what 'wins rooms but loses the Block'.
Darren Palmer untangles key design terms, Steph & Gian open up about their rough start and how it feels to be the subject of so much gossip.
Season 19 of the Block is set to be the most Charming yet, but why do Shelley and Scotty also think it's the most challenging? And is Scotty really into pounding heavy metal?
Season 1
With the Block nearing completion, Shelley and Scott Cam catch up once again to look back on the season so far and ahead to the auctions.
SJ and Rachel go head to head, plus property experts Alice and Nicole give us their take on The Block 2022 houses so far.
Foreman Keith reveals the house he’d place his money on for this season’s winner. Dylan and Jenny share which aspect of their winning kids room was inspired by their childhood.
Judge Shaynna Blaze explains why creating a great hallway is like a first date.nDylan and Jenny reveal the mistake that led them astray and how they got their groove back.
Rachel and Ryan share why this win meant so much to them and Darren Palmer (aka ‘Detective Daz’) gives the unheard real reason he thwarted their ‘10 10 10’ living room dream.
“The heart of the home starts beating”, for Neale Whitaker, a completed kitchen changes everything. Rachel and Ryan reveal why this week was crucial for their Block journey
Season 1, Episode 6 - Tartan-clad Tom, Sarah-Jane and the Lead Architect of The Block Podcast was broadcast by Channel 9 on Sunday 11 September 2022 at 12:00.