The Bold and The Beautiful

May 2018

Thursday 24 May

3.0 94 x
While discussing the upcoming Hope for the Future line, Maya becomes a confidant for Hope; Liam rethinks his relationship with Bill.

Wednesday 23 May

3.0 23 x
Bill is torn when Steffy arrives asking for a considerable favour. Meanwhile, Hope is taken aback when Liam firmly asks her to leave.

Tuesday 22 May

4.0 8 x
Brooke urges Ridge not to allow his hatred for Bill to land him back in jail. Meanwhile, Steffy urges Liam not to work with Hope on her fashion line.

Monday 21 May

4.0 12 x
Unable to contain his anger, Ridge confronts Bill. Meanwhile,Thorne's warning about Wyatt's baggage leads Katie to make an uncomfortable decision.

Friday 18 May

4.0 15 x
Hope and Steffy have a heated argument about what's best for Liam. Meanwhile,Thorne questions Katie on her relationship with Wyatt.

Thursday 17 May

3.0 10 x
Wyatt voices his concern that the true perp is still on the loose. Meanwhile, Steffy is hopeful that she will persuade Liam to come home.

Wednesday 16 May

4.0 14 x
Thorne visits his brother in jail. Meanwhile, Ridge surprises Steffy and Thorne when he insists on protecting Quinn and swearing by her innocence.

Tuesday 15 May

4.0 10 x
Eric fills Quinn in on Ridge's arrest and the list of possible suspects in Bill's shooting. Meanwhile, Hope and Steffy's exchange about Liam escalates.

Monday 14 May

4.0 15 x
Carter pleads Ridge's case to Detective Sanchez after the designer is arrested. Meanwhile, Hope encourages Liam to do the right thing by Steffy.

Friday 11 May

3.0 13 x
Liam is pushed over the edge. Meanwhile, distressed by Hope's betrayal, Steffy furiously demands she make her intentions clear regarding Liam.