The Bold and The Beautiful

March 2020

27 Mar 2020

4.0 10 x
Quinn becomes ecstatic when she finds salacious evidence that will destroy Brooke!. Meanwhile, Sally is unnerved when Dr. Escobar makes an unexpected house call about her diagnosis.

26 Mar 2020

4.0 6 x
Shauna piques Quinn's interest by mentioning a secret that could affect Ridge. Meanwhile, Sally dodges Wyatt's pointed questions while ignoring texts from Dr. Escobar.

25 Mar 2020

4.0 6 x
Brooke welcomes Ridge back home with a night of romance and passion. Meanwhile, Liam and Hope lovingly reunite their family with the help of a very crafty Douglas.

23 Mar 2020

3.0 47 x
Bill shares his disapproval of Brooke's and Ridge's relationship with Wyatt. Meanwhile, Having followed Douglas upstairs, Hope stuns the wedding party upon her return to the ceremony.

20 Mar 2020

4.5 48 x
Bill rails against Thomas to Wyatt. Meanwhile, Zoe urges Thomas to move forward with their vows after Douglas has a meltdown during the ceremony.

19 Mar 2020

3.0 23 x
Steffy and Brooke urge an unwavering Zoe to see the light about Thomas's obsession with Hope. Meanwhile, Hope and Liam arrive to Thomas and Zoe's wedding with a master plan.

16 Mar 2020

4.0 30 x
Shauna worries that Ridge and Brooke will reunite when Thomas and Zoe get married. Meanwhile, Unbeknownst to him, Thomas Forrester's tangled web of deceit is being quickly unraveled.

13 Mar 2020

3.0 18 x
Carter attempts to talk sense into Zoe and show her that she can do better than Thomas Forrester. Meanwhile, Siblings, Thomas and Steffy, argue over his true intentions and past transgressions.

12 Mar 2020

4.0 9 x
Steffy's belief in Thomas shatters after overhearing a conversation not meant for her ears. Meanwhile, Straight off the heels of a conflict with Thomas, Hope turns to Liam who offers guidance.

11 Mar 2020

3.0 19 x
Vinny calls out Thomas for using Douglas as a means to an end to get Hope. Meanwhile, Thomas ups the ante in his scheme by accelerating the time line for his wedding to Zoe.