The Brokenwood Mysteries

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The Brokenwood Mysteries

An all-women motorcycle club are in Brokenwood for the wedding of one of their members, until a murder casts suspicion amongst their ranks and throws the town into chaos.

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Season 8
Jane Fergusson is gold panning in the Brokenwood River when she is gunned down.
The detectives get to work when a man is found impaled by the sculpture on Brokenwood's fountain. The victim is an American tourist who had three gold coins on him.
Shepherd heads out to investigate the mysterious and unfortunate case of a resident being bludgeoned to death by an unknown blunt weapon in a remote community of beaches.
A murder investigation begins following Brokenwood's first musical festival, when a band member is found dead having seemingly been killed by the volume of music being played.
Mike and the team get a lesson in local history after they open an investigation into the discovery of a recently deceased body in the most unlikely of places: the sarcophagus of an ancient mummy in Brokenwood's museum.