The Brokenwood Mysteries

Full episodes

Ep 4 A Merry Bloody Christmas

3.0 166 x
December is approaching, and Brokenwood is alive and well with Christmas spirit. That is until a festive, yet gruesome, sight confronts Mike and his team.

Ep 3 The Killing Machine

4.0 98 x
The annual Riverstone Beach Hop is a colourful festival that brings classic car enthusiasts together from far and wide. But on the morning of the event the chairman of the society is found dead next to his car with a lungful of gasoline.

Ep 2 Over Her Dead Body

4.0 148 x
Brokenwood is in mourning for a local hero. But when his coffin accidentally falls from the hearse, the corpse inside is revealed to be not his but a young woman identifiable by a notable scarlet tattoo.

Ep 1 The Black Widower

4.0 312 x
A woman's dead body is found underneath a giant foam spider and a popular tourist location. The cause of death is revealed to be from New Zealand's only native venomous spider. But how did one spider administer ten times the lethal dose?

Season 2 Episode 4

3.0 379 x
Holly Collins is not only DSS Mike Shepherd's favourite country musician she's also playing in Brokenwood. Unfortunately it turns out to be her final gig. When she is found electrocuted it appears to be a rock'n'roll suicide.
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