The Casagrandes

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Season 2
Ronnie Anne and Sid are determined to find out if the new tenant is wrestler La Tormenta! // After an old man wins Carl's dream go kart, Carl wants to prove that he's worthy of the prize himself!
Carl can't handle when Adelaide joins his karate class and becomes the star student. // Hector starts selling Rosa's delicious tacos but gets overwhelmed when they're more popular than the mercado!
Laird is nervous to host movie night, so Ronnie Anne helps him pretend Arturo's pad is his own! // Carlota can't pay attention to anything but her phone, so Carlos sets her up with a math tutor!
Ronnie Anne is excited for the perfect Christmas, but visits from the neighbors put her dream Nochebuena on hold!
When they find a treasure map, the Casagrandes go on a wild search for Pancho Villa's gold. // Frida and Carlos go on a fancy plane ride, but Carl and CJ try to sneak on for an adventure of their own.
Ronnie Anne helps get Mrs. Kernicky hired as the new PE coach, but her classes are no joke! // Sid's secret is leaked at school, leading Ronnie Anne to wonder if they can continue being besties!
Ronnie Anne and Sid try to get Yoon Kwan's autograph and Carlota helps Alisa prepare for the Great Lakes City Music Festival!
After seeing CJ's awesome spin moves, Par helps CJ enter and train for a sign spinning competition! // Adelaide loses a tooth, so Carl & Bobby teach her about El Raton, the Latin American Tooth Fairy.
Carl's new hit song samples a singing group, but he needs to get their ok before it can play on the radio! // During a snow day, Ronnie Anne & her skater pals battle for the gym by playing dodgeball.
The Casagrandes prepare Lalo for his big audition to be Phoebe Powers' new canine sidekick! // With the adults out for the night, Bobby and Carlota take turns watching the kids and going to a party!
Sancho gets himself into trouble in the city, Sergio helps him become a model pet! // Worried that Lori may have a new crush, Bobby visits her in college and tries to impress her with his golf skills.
After a zoo fundraiser goes wrong, Sid must save the day with her family!
When Frida's fun dad comes to visit, Hector tries to win back his grandchildren's attention. // Ronnie Anne and Lincoln are set for a big day of pranks, and newbie Sid wants to join in on the fun too!
Carl takes Rosa's chancla, setting off the balance of order in the city and calling the Chancla Force into action! // Carlitos goes on an adventure to get his favorite stuffed animal from the arcade.
Ronnie Anne & her cousins hatch a plan to have Sid's Breakfast Bot do their chores - ALL of them! // When Carl's dreams are crushed after meeting El Falcon, Bobby decides to take on the role himself!
Ronnie Anne wins two tickets to Dairyland - but has to choose between her besties Sid & Lincoln for the day // Ronnie Anne finds out her dad is dating her teacher, and teams with Sid to break them up
Ronnie Anne and Sid help Casey run his family food truck... at the Yoon Kwon concert! // Sergio is in for a treat when a group of baby birds think he's their mama!
Ronnie Anne and her primos try to win Maria a trip around the world. // When Carlota fails at hair cutting, she trains with the master barber himself - CJ!
A haunted chicken is pestering the Casagrandes - but is he just here for Sergio" // The kids try to break a local record for staying in the cemetery overnight!
Carl's love for toys gets him caught up in a whirlwind toy review career // Frida's art gets a bad review, so the kids try to stage a new auction to lift her spirits.