The Cook And The Chef

August 2020

Season 2 Episode 30 - Truffles

3.0 0 x
With a truffle from WA, Simon and Maggie Beer use a sophisticated ingredient in the simplest of ways - on scrambled eggs, pasta, boiled potatoes and, amazingly, on salt and vinegar chips.

Season 2 Episode 29 - Quails And Momos

4.0 0 x
Maggie and Simon demonstrate how a little bird like quail can pack a big punch. Simon’s chilli quail is a crispy explosion of flavours and Maggie uses quince paste as a luscious yet delicate compliment to her roast quail. Simon then looks to the simplicity of Buddhist vegetarian dumplings, momos, while Maggie shares her re...

Season 2 Episode 28 - Baking

3.0 3 x
The classic meat pie gets a glorious make-over after Simon visits a city pie-cart. Back in the kitchen, Maggie surprises him by recalling her three AM trip to the pie-cart, in her younger days, after a Peter Allen concert.

Season 2 Episode 27 - Desserts And Tagines

4.0 10 x
From a Dutch oven to a casserole dish many cultures boast a pot for slow cooking and for the Moroccans it’s the cone shaped Tagine. This week Maggie and Simon celebrate the spirit of the Tagine with a slow cooked beef dish and a hearty vegetable mix. Simon also uses the last of the seasons Myer lemons to create a tangy tar...

Season 2 Episode 26 - Tasmanian Fresh

4.0 3 x
Maggie travels to Tasmania and samples some of the wonderful produce that the Apple Isle has to offer. Magnificent Bruny Island, an hour drive south of Hobart is a place Maggie has wanted to visit for over thirty years and it’s now the home of her friend Nick Haddow, a traditional cheese maker.

Season 2 Episode 25 - Oysters And Pastry

4.0 6 x
For Simon this week’s show is all about pastry, while Maggie heads off on another food adventure, hunting for great oysters on SA’s Eyre Peninsula. Oysters and pastry may seem an odd combination, but once again the Cook and the Chef blend unlikely ingredients to create unique and delightful dishes.

Season 2 Episode 24 - Winter Menus

4.0 4 x
Maggie and Simon prepare some of their favourite winter recipes. It’s all about comfort food, rich hearty dishes to warm you up on those chilly days.

Season 2 Episode 23 - Soup And Rice

3.0 2 x
Maggie and Simon often start out with the same ingredient and end up in very different places. They’re taking different approaches to cooking with rice, so while Simon reveals the secrets to one of his favourite Chinese dishes, Maggie tackles a true Mediterranean classic.

Season 2 Episode 22 - Kids In The Kitchen

3.0 2 x
Rolled sleeves, flour covered fingers and chocolate smeared grins - its winter school holidays and the kids are in the kitchen. Join Maggie as she shares her grandchildren’s favourite recipes, chicken wings and cup cakes, while Simon harks back to the good old days of trade school with classics such as Trout Amandine and P...

Season 3 Episode 3 - Fish And Crabs

4.0 3 x
Maggie meets food legend Rick Stein and they discuss the gentle art of cooking fish. Back in the kitchen, Maggie works her magic on an impressive piece of farmed Kingfish, while Simon is inspired to try out one of Rick’s recipes, a mouth-watering fish pasty. Simon and Maggie also get cracking on some crab dishes, inspired ...