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June 2023

NewSichuan-style hot chicken sandwich

4.0 2 x
The Nashville-style fried chicken sandwich gets a Sichuan-style twist! Chicken thigh cutlets are coated in a spicy Asian-style spice mix, then fried until golden and crispy. Serve with a Sichuan-inspired slaw on soft buns with cucumber and fresh coriander leaves.

NewApple skin cake

4.0 4 x
This low-waste apple cake uses the apple peel on top of the cake batter along with butter and demerara sugar. As the cake bakes, the top becomes crisp and caramelised, adding a sweet and crunchy texture to the cake.

NewOkonomiyaki fritters

4.0 2 x
These fritters are a smaller version of the traditionally sized okonomiyaki, a popular Japanese savoury pancake that originates from Osaka. The fritters are topped with classic Japanese-style okonomiyaki sauces, Japanese mayonnaise and okonomi sauce.

NewParmesan bread with nduja and tomato salad

3.0 7 x
Nduja is a spicy, spreadable salami that originated in Calabria, Italy. It is made with pork, hot red peppers and a mixture of spices and is often used as a condiment, or an ingredient in sandwiches, pizza or pasta dishes.

NewCountry chicken stew

3.0 1 x
This classic country-style chicken stew is made by simmering chicken drumsticks with a flavoursome combination of herbs, onion and garlic and vegetables. Serve with crusty sourdough bread and a sprinkling of fresh flat-leaf parsley.
May 2023

Salmon remoulade sandwich

3.0 3 x
Remoulade is a traditional French cold sauce typically made with mayonnaise, mustard and gherkins. There are many variations, but it is commonly served as an accompaniment to seafood, and as a condiment for sandwiches and fried foods.

Candied pumpkin with lime and coconut

4.0 4 x
This recipe takes inspiration from Mexican candied pumpkin and flavours from Southeast Asia with ginger, pandan and coconut cream for a unique and special dessert. Add lime wedges to cut through the sweetness of the candied pumpkin.

Lamb rendang

4.0 4 x
Rendang is a classic dry style Asian curry originating from Malaysia and Indonesia. Typically served with beef, this version uses lamb leg to infuse with the flavour-packed rendang paste, which is combined with coconut cream to form a thick and flavoursome curry.

UFO tarts

4.0 5 x
These tarts are a special local treat in Sandakan, in Sabah, Malaysia. The tart biscuit base is topped with a custard filling with an Italian meringue ring piped around, which resemble the yolk and white of a cracked egg. The creamy custard filling complements the biscuit tart base..

Chicken and corn dumplings

3.0 1 x
These chicken and corn dumplings are made by making your own minced meat filling with chicken thigh fillets in a food processor. The dumpling skins are made with boiling water, which helps create a more tender and pliable dough. The hot water gelatinizes the starch in the flour, making it more elastic and easier to work wi...