The Doctors


Season 12, Episode 118

4.5 12 x
Pregnancy seat belt adjusters are being sold online, but are they safe? Man with a prosthetic eye turns it into a functioning camera. The Doctors shares three foods that could help ease your headache.

Season 12, Episode 117

4.0 6 x
Why parents are flocking to Brain Balance Centres? Can they treat children without drugs? The big debate: treating ADHD without drugs? Mother seeks help for son's learning challenges.

Season 12, Episode 128

4.0 6 x
Dr. Ordon's nightmare: his coronavirus diagnosis and road to recovery. Can kid's teeth reveal emotional trauma?

Season 12, Episode 127

3.0 1 x
The latest news on Covid-19. How to stay safe in a new world. Celebrity psychic Tyler Henry gives a glimpse into the future. Bachelor alum Colton Underwood opens up about his battle with coronavirus.

Season 12, Episode 109

4.0 5 x
Is a revolutionary anti-aging drug trial worth a hefty price tag? Can too much ramen cause a stroke? The cooking habit that could be toxic to children.

Season 12, Episode 106

4.0 6 x
Can supplements leads to liver failure? Hear one woman's story. Mirror exposure therapy: Could this new therapy help people struggling with eating disorders?

Season 12, Episode 99

3.0 6 x
Live procedure: nasal implants for better breathing. Living your best life with Type 1 diabetes. Can eating 6 hardboiled eggs help you sleep? Tips to supercharge your creativity.

Season 12, Episode 82

3.0 8 x
Celebrities ask The Doctors their most burning medical questions. The Doctors puts environmentally friendly straws to the test. Are millennials getting scammed more than seniors?

Season 12, Episode 69

4.0 11 x
Sneak peek of the hottest food trends for 2020. Veteran pays it forward to help another family in crisis. Using meditation to treat chronic pain.

Season 12, Episode 43

4.0 3 x
Christopher Knight talks about reuniting with The Brady Bunch. Could laser therapy be a cure for your chronic pain? NBA legend Michael Jordan opens a health clinic.