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Season 2
Emily looks at the differences between men and women. Innovations include "crotch rockets" and "New Vizion", while there's also an aversion to the word "love".
Emily's look at a modern world includes accidental photo texts, embarrassing email addresses, inspirational quotes, murder plots and a telepathic retreat.
Emily has a new someone in her life: a puppy. Meanwhile, the sketches include an ex handover, relationship insurance and the difficulties of dealing with in-laws.
Tonight's theme is life lessons. In sketches Emily goes back to school and takes a disastrous road trip. Meanwhile, Emily tells all with stand up routines.
The theme of the opening edition is holiday dilemmas - from packing to snogging, the deep horror of destination weddings and camping.
Season 1
Emily takes a deep dive into friendship, and is joined by some of the most cherished people in her life as she tells us how to make new friends, break up with old ones.
This edition looks at image, including how to achieve the perfect Instagram picture, the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of dieting and the ongoing battle with gym equipment.
This week's theme is family. Plus, sketches which further play on the theme of family, including one featuring her real-life mother Kate Robbins.
The theme is going out, for anyone who has ever wondered how best to navigate hen-do WhatsApp group etiquette and how to deal with the friend who never buys a round.
This week's theme is close to everyone's heart: dating. Emily opens up about single life, one-night stands and offers her top tips for flirting.