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Season 22
In Mobile, a man who turned his life around is gunned down in cold blood. Detectives need to know if his troubled past came back to haunt him.
When a potential spree killer targets Tulsa's most vulnerable, Detective Max Ryden must stop the murderer before he kills again.
In Tulsa, a man is murdered in front of his fiancee when death comes knocking at their door. A beloved Mobile man is gunned down while protecting his friends from a shooter.
Season 21
A teen's life is cut short in Atlanta over a neighbourhood beef. Meanwhile, a young woman has gone missing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and her family believe that she has been murdered.
A generous Atlanta man is murdered and Detective Egbert suspects he may have been a victim of his own kindness.
Detectives investigate the murder of two family men in Minneapolis, urging a witness to come clean; in Tulsa, a woman is found dead after she discovers the fate of her fiancé.
A young mother and her friend are found murdered in front of her children inside a car. Detectives hold hope that a suspicious vehicle will lead them to the murderer.
A man in Tulsa is murdered before Christmas, and detectives receive help from his family in tracking down his killers.
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a detective searches for a sadistic killer who killed the brother of the man who stole his truck.
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, an unsolved case comes to life when new evidence sheds light on a dead man's friend.
Season 19
A young mother in Tulsa is found shot dead on the side of a road. A photograph taken immediately before the murder provides police with their only clue.
Season 21
A Tulsa, Okla., high school football player is gunned down when his friends make a dangerous decision; detectives separate witnesses from suspects to find out who fired the bullet
Season 19
In New Orleans, a young mother is found shot and burned in the trunk of her car when a night out on the town becomes her last.
Through interviews, dramatic recreations, and real case materials, several well known First 48 detectives tell the most haunting cases from their careers.
Season 21
A woman is stabbed to death and beaten in her own home in a brutal act of revenge; a man in Kansas City can't get out of a dangerous business that may threaten his life.
A father is killed when a man opens fire in a crowded convenience store in Atlanta. A Tulsa, Oklahoma, groom-to-be is gunned down before he can turn his life around.
A parking lot drug deal turns into a shootout that claims the lives of two Atlanta men. An execution outside a motel in Tulsa, Oklahoma escalates into a double murder.
A father gone missing turns up dead when his plans to evict a tenant ignite a murderous rage.
A man is shot and killed when a stranger sees an opportunity too good to pass up. In Atlanta, an escalating argument ends with one man dead and the other in danger.
A quick-money scam in Mobile, Alabama, ends in a double murder and a rookie homicide detective takes the case personally.