The Good Karma Hospital

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The Good Karma Hospital

Lydia and Greg's wedding plans are upset by three emergency admissions. Greg wonders if disappearing to help her patients is a ploy and in truth, Lydia has cold feet. Will they tie the knot? (Final)

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Season 4
Ruby is shocked with the unexpected arrival of someone from her past. Can she really be expected to trust again? A misstep teaches Niki the dangers of overconfidence and Lydia is forced to confront her first husband.
A tragic case leads Samir and Mari to grow closer still. Lydia and Niki are reminded of how testing life can be as Good Karma Hospital doctors, and a familiar face returns to Good Karma.
The happy news that Karishma is awake is offset by her loneliness. Samir realises she needs more than medicine to fix her and arranges a little magic. Meanwhile Lydia discovers there's only one answer to Greg's visa problem.
Ruby faces difficult questions when her actions have devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Greg keeps a troubling secret from Lydia and The Good Karma hospital has a brand-new doctor!
Lydia is forced to admit a highly contagious Nipah patient into her hospital when Ruby and new British Asian doctor Samir break protocol in the fight to save the girl's life.
Season 3
A medical train rolls into in town providing miracle surgeries, and carrying a surprise for Gabriel - a glamorous older surgeon from his past. One of the team is viciously attacked, leaving Lydia reeling.
After months away with her family, Ruby returns to the hospital for her pregnant sister to give birth. A life and death medical crisis unfolds, forcing Ruby to see where her loyalty lies. Greg gets a surprise family visitor.