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On Election Day Eve, both gubernatorial campaigns fight in court over absentee vote tampering. Meanwhile, Cary runs into staff and client issues before starting up his new firm.

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Season 4
Alicia's case involving at-will employees trying to unionize sparks a possible mutiny at Lockhart Gardner. Meanwhile, Peter gives Alicia an opportunity to renew their wedding vows
Alicia begins receiving help in a rape case from 'anonymous' sources, Diane considers Peter's Supreme Court offer and Cary tells Alicia that he's going out on his own with help.
Alicia and Will try to get an extra 'speedy' trial for Colin Sweeney to beat a Supreme Court ruling. Meanwhile, Diane appears ready to take her romance with Kurt to a new level.
Peter has an important white-tie dinner but Alicia is called away when a client is murdered. The investigation suggests that her family may also be in danger.
Will and Alicia clash with an insurance company lawyer at a coroner's inquest after a judge's death, and Zack's new Muslim girlfriend could cause problems with Peter's campaign.
Alicia suspects that another lawyer brought in by Lemond Bishop to help his case may be intimidating witnesses and Lockhart and Gardner argue over the firm's future.
Elsbeth takes the fight to A-USA Josh Perotti as she defends Eli Gold, Peter needs advice as he debates Maddie Hayward and Alicia faces hard choices.
Alicia and Cary get bad news about their partnerships just as they are set to take on Diane and Will in a mock trial. Meanwhile, Elsbeth discovers that the Feds are playing dirty.
Diane and Will offer Alicia a chance to become an equity partner, but do they have ulterior motives? Meanwhile, the firm battles an old enemy as they negotiate a valuable pre-nup.
The firm steps in for a colleague in an athletic doping case after she is arrested and an attack by Maddie Hayward creates a rift within Peter's campaign team.
Louis helps one of his clients stonewall Alicia in a multi-million dollar case, Clarke makes a move to oust Lockhart and Gardner, and Wendy helps the Feds go after Eli Gold.
Will and Alicia deal with simultaneous murder trials involving the same victim, Peter's campaign comes under federal scrutiny, and Kalinda's husband Nick threatens Alicia.
An opportunistic lawyer hopes to turn Alicia's case into a test case to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, and Alicia's mom comes to town needing help.
Will and Alicia fight to get a biased judge removed from a case, Alicia discovers that Peter's opponents are tracking Grace, and Eli gets a new surprise volunteer on the campaign.
While Alicia and Cary take a client to Washington to speak to the FCC, a potential buyer for Lockhart Gardner emerges. Meanwhile, Peter faces new allegations.
Alicia helps a military rape case involving a private contractor. A surprise candidate enters the governor's race. Alicia and Cary find a loophole that could benefit Nick Saverese
When the feds arrest drug dealer Lemond Bishop's accountant, Alicia and Diane must work with his second law firm, who handles his illicit activities, to discern if the feds are after his legal businesses.
While Diane prosecutes a case involving the parents of a hazing death victim suing a university, Eli has to put out a couple of fires before Peter's straw poll.
The firm tries to get a search engine its clients are suing to reveal its proprietary algorithms. Meanwhile a journalist may have evidence that Peter had another affair.