The Great Outdoors: Greatest Escapes


7. Best Of New Zealand

4.0 8 x
The team go across the ditch to experience New Zealand at it's beautiful best.

6. Off The Wall Destinations

4.0 12 x
We go cuckoo for German clocks and eat in a restaurant called 'The Toilet'. A visit to the German fairytale castle that inspired Disneyland.

5. Extraordinary Destinations

3.0 30 x
A trip of a life time down the legendary Silk Road, crossing the shifting sands of the magnificent Sharan Desert and the jaw-dropping landscapes of the surreal Monument Valley.
Episodes 2020

4. Animal Adventures

3.0 12 x
We explore the unique species of the Galapagos Islands, visit an elephant resort and a giraffe hotel and a special zoo in Japan.

3. Beach Breaks

3.0 61 x
Isolated coastal luxury in the Top End, 5-star & budget surfing trips, chilling in the Caribbean, a royal Asian seaside retreat & a kayaking Greek odyssey at one of the top paddling spots in the world

2. Thrill Seekers

4.3 31 x
Swim with great white sharks, visit an adventure playground on steroids. Test drive cars on ice, extreme fishing. Swimming with dolphins, ziplines across mountains, the most fun you can have on four.