The Inbetweeners

August 2020

Season 3, Episode 6 (Camping Trip)

3.0 2 x
Will decides to organise one last trip for the gang before they go their separate ways. They pack into the crappy Fiat for a camping trip in the countryside. Jay, Neil and Simon aren't prepared for the great outdoors at all.

Season 3, Episode 5 (Home Alone)

4.0 5 x
Will's mum is off on a weekend trip. Will is left home alone and the other boys take full advantage of the situation. They hammer the Ocado account, empty the fridge and rifle through Polly's knicker drawer.

Season 3, Episode 4 (Trip To Warwick)

4.0 2 x
Simon and his new girlfriend are going to visit her sister at university. The other boys invite themselves along - Will on the pretext that he wants to take a look around his absolute last choice of university.
June 2020

Season 2, Episode 4 (A Night Out In London)

4.0 5 x
It's a new term and in a desperate attempt at reinvention Will decides that they should become cool. Simon's not so sure, but when Carli thinks it's cool he immediately changes his mind.

Season 2, Episode 1 (Field Trip)

4.0 9 x
The infamous sociology and geography field trip to Swanage is coming up, and all the boys are on board. Added to which a new girl, Lauren, to whom Will has taken a particular shine, has joined the school.
May 2020

Season 1, Episode 6

4.0 6 x
As the only person to have volunteered for the job, Will is elected Chairman of the Organization Party for the end of term Christmas bash and ropes the other three boys into being his assistants.

Season 1, Episode 5

4.0 3 x
As the guys try to decide what to do for the weekend, Jay convinces them to come to his parents' Caravan Club at Camber Sands as they are having a dance where there are plenty of girls willing to have sex.
April 2020

Season 1, Episode 1

3.0 2 x
Will's parents have just divorced and he has had to change schools and make a new set of friends. But his new mates are neither very cool nor very credible...
July 2019

Season 2, Episode 3 (Will's Birthday)

3.0 4 x
It is Will's birthday, and he is planning a suitably grown up dinner, with a few close friends, and any girls they can persuade to come. Unfortunately, Will's party clashes with a far more popular one...

Season 2, Episode 2 (Work Experience)

4.0 8 x
It's work experience week at school, and whilst Jay has sorted out something for him and Simon at his dad's plant hire there's been a mix up with Will and Neil that means Neil's at a paper and Will is at a garage.