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S1 Ep5 - Somerset 25:25

S1 Ep5 - Somerset

Expired 3.0 42 x
Somerset - Hear the word Somerset and you immediately think of cider. There may be nothing new about mulled cider, but how about boiling a gammon joint in it? In Cyrus’s ‘Exceptional Gammon with Cider & Cinnamon’, he infuses the cider with cinnamon sticks, red chilli and coriander seeds....
S1 Ep4 - West Suffolk 25:34

S1 Ep4 - West Suffolk

Expired 3.0 38 x
West Suffolk - In early summer the fields of west Suffolk blaze with yellow rapeseed flowers. This episode, Cyrus and Tony discuss the virtues of rapeseed oil. They then use it to cook cinnamon, ginger and red chilli chicken wings. At the beautiful stately home Melford Hall in Long Melfor...
S1 Ep3 - Edinburgh And The Borders 25:24

S1 Ep3 - Edinburgh And The Borders

Expired 3.0 60 x
Edinburgh And The Borders - This episode, their journey begins in Tony’s hometown of Edinburgh. Ever keen to showcase the best of Scottish produce, Tony makes Cranachan – a traditional desert made with Scotland’s finest honey, raspberries, oatmeal and whisky enveloped in double cream. But...
S1 Ep2 - South Wales 25:23

S1 Ep2 - South Wales

Expired 3.0 54 x
South Wales - This week’s journey begins in the Cothi Valley in Carmarthenshire where they make goats’ cheese from the milk of animals feeding on wildflowers, herbs and berries. These cheeses have a delicious freshness that varies with the seasons. Tony bakes a golden Goats’ Cheese, Red ...
S1 Ep1 - East Sussex 25:22

S1 Ep1 - East Sussex

Expired 3.0 45 x
East Sussex - In this programme they visit East Sussex. In Hastings they celebrate the freshness of the local fish, caught by the beach-launched fishing fleet, and show how even the taste of the freshest fish can be enhanced with spices by cooking Dover Sole with Lime and Ginger. (From th...
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