The Italian Vegan Chef

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The Italian Vegan Chef

Nadia ends her journey back in Milan. She shows us her hometown through her very own eyes as she goes around town to meet family and old friends. And also meets one of her culinary heroes.

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Season 1
Nadia continues around Puglia and goes to Antichi Sapori, one of the thirty Best Restaurants in the world (2019). She then trave’s to Murgia at a winery reserve and learns to make gourmet dishes.
Nadia continues her journey around Puglia and visits various Masserie, typical renewed farmhouses of the region. Each of these Masserie is built in a unique style and offers its own cuisine.
Nadia gets to Puglia, then sees Leece where she meets Executive Chef Simone De Siato. Together they prepare some gourmet dishes. In Masseria Le Stanzie, she learns some of the best plant-based meals.
Nadia continues her journey around Tuscany and visits Florence. She enters the old historical Synagogue and then heads to Ruth's Restaurant to enjoy a traditional Tuscan Jewish meal.
Incredible landscapes, vineyards, wine, an ancient castle and a true Baron. Nadia discovers the unbelievable history and nature of Tuscany at the Castello di Brolio, in the area of Chianti Classico.
Nadia walks around Ravenna explaining the history of the town and then visiting the local market. There, she makes fresh pasta, and then takes a break with a piadina, a traditional street-food.
In Golfo Aranci, Nadia starts her day at the Abi D'oru Hotal and Spa, where she enjoys the luxurious facilities of the location before meeting Chef Filippo Fondatori to create three wonderful dishes.
Nadia arrives to Olbia and visits chef Stefano Azara, the owner of Lo Squalo restaurant. She helps make two dishes: a vegan parmigiana and ' fishless' patties with flavours similar to wakame seaweed.
Nadia first stop is Sardinia. She discovers the traditional dishes and teach the locals to re-interpret them with plant-based ingredients. She then arrives in Gallura, and meets a local teacher.