The Legacy


Season 3 Episode 4

3.0 6 x
At Grønnegaard, Signe’s battle against Jensen seems never-ending but, backed by Karin, she proceeds with her plans, undeterred, and reaches an important milestone for her organic farm. Gro makes a major career decision, which Kim doesn't approve of,...

Season 3 Episode 3

3.0 4 x
The four heirs don’t get much space to process their grief. Gro feels unfit for the role as patron for the youngsters and is at her wits end when they come to her for advice in the battle against the mining corporation Argus. Frederik looks for clue...

Season 3 Episode 2

3.0 6 x
Emil does his best to prepare for Melody's birthday as Hannah's disappearance forces him to reconsider his loyalties. Frederik now suffers the consequences of his absence. His visit doesn't leave him much time to prove his worth or to regain the tru...

Season 3 Episode 1

3.0 9 x
The four heirs have made peace with the past and with each other. Following Thomas's death, Emil has taken on the role of parent to Melody. Singe spends most of her time with her boyfriend, Aksel, running her organic farm. Business is booming and sh...

S2 Ep7

2.0 4 x
Gro rushes to look after Thomas, whose condition has deteriorated to the point where he is taken to hospital for emergency care. Meanwhile, at Gronnegaard, the uncertainty about the future of the estate has everyone worried, including Signe who cont...
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