The Madame Blanc Mysteries

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The Madame Blanc Mysteries

When Raffy Ozanne is found lying dead in his own perfumery, Cooper falls under suspicion. But who was really behind the killer's clown mask?

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Season 2
A musician is found dead with a head injury and a strange symbol drawn on his face. It's up to Jean and Dom to unravel how the victim could have died alone in a locked room.
Jeremy stumbles upon the body of a dead woman. The only clue to her identity is a Victorian comb in her pocket. Jean realises it's a cake comb, what would she be doing with that?
Season 1
Dom receives a surprise visitor the night of his date with Jean. As Jean prepares to leave for Manchester, she receives a nasty shock.
Caron enlists Jean and Dom's help when a valuable relic from the local church is stolen, and local priest Father Donadieu is discovered murdered.
Albert Gilbert is left unconscious when robbers steal a rare painting from his home, a very valuable Af Klint. Caron calls upon Jean for her expertise in the robbery investigation
Judith and Jeremy throw a 1980s themed 35th wedding anniversary party. Jeremy's brother and sister-in-law, Harry and Cressida, and Judith's sister, Mary, attend the party.
Jean learns from police chief Caron that her ring has been sent away as evidence, and that there is little they can do about the threats from Rory's mistress.
Jean is comforted by English ex-pat Barbara, who agrees to sell Jean's French cottage.