The Miracle Hunter


Series 1 Episode 4 The Supernatural (Final)

Expired 2.5 105 x
Simon explores the British supernatural subcultures that exist within the world of psychics, mediums and the paranormal.

Series 1 Episode 3 Superhuman Minds

Expired 3.0 172 x
Simon meets different people who claim that they can perform miraculous feats using just the power of their minds.

Series 1 Episode 2 Superhuman Strength

Expired 3.5 149 x
Simon Farnaby talks to different people who seem to possess superhuman levels of strength, as well as people who are able to fight off pain and even death.

Series 1 Episode 1 Superhuman Force

Expired 3.5 412 x
Simon Farnaby meets people from around the world who claim to be able to control nature's most powerful forces.
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