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Season 2015, Episode 49 30:00

Season 2015, Episode 49

3.0 17 x
The outrageous world of erotic fan fiction, Les Rice's outsider art, and James gets his portrait painted for the Portia Geach art prize. #TheMixTV
Season 2015, Episode 48 29:00

Season 2015, Episode 48

3.0 21 x
Behind the scenes with comic book artist Nicola Scott, tripping through the dark art of director David Lynch, and we get schooled by Peaches. #TheMixTV
Season 2015, Episode 47 30:00

Season 2015, Episode 47

3.0 9 x
Mad Max director George Miller talks road movies, we look back at the Venice Biennale, and Zan Rowe catches up with super producer Mark Ronson. #TheMixTV
Season 2015, Episode 46 30:00

Season 2015, Episode 46

3.0 19 x
Myf Warhurst comes face to face with Ice Cube, the sweet sounds of the Count Basie Orchestra, and the tweaky, bleepy world of chip music. #TheMixTV
Season 2015, Episode 50 30:00

Season 2015, Episode 50

3.0 63 x
James joins legendary British artists Gilbert & George at MONA, Kate Miller-Heidke sings just for you, and the dangerously nude art of Xavier LeRoy. #TheMixTV
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