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Season 8, Episode 28 (Grand Final) 30:00

Season 8, Episode 28 (Grand Final)

3.0 16 x
The New Inventors presents the Season 8 Grand Final. In addition to 'Invention of the Year', two more special prizes will be presented, so join us as we celebrate the best of the best of Australian invention. (Final)
Season 8, Episode 27 28:00

Season 8, Episode 27

3.0 12 x
New inventions include a hand guard to open oysters safely and easily; a cafe table that can be easily adjusted by the cafe patrons themselves; a bin that takes the noise out of the knockout bin for baristas.
Season 8, Episode 26 28:00

Season 8, Episode 26

3.0 6 x
New inventions include a motorbike of the seas; wheels on skis so they are easily transported; a lighter and more durable surfboard.
Season 8, Episode 25 28:00

Season 8, Episode 25

3.0 13 x
New inventions include a device that alerts work crew when wall movement is detected above the work areas in an open cut mine; a driver fatigue alert system built into a cap; a frame and roller system for mine conveyor belts.
Season 8, Episode 24 28:00

Season 8, Episode 24

3.0 27 x
Our inventors are going rural with three great inventions to help farmers keep their animals safe and put food on our plates.
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