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Helen and Dale's new alliance has become the talk of the office as they cover the much-hyped return of Halley's Comet. The closer Dale draws to Helen, the more he finds himself thrust into the spotlight.

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Season 1
In 1986, ambitious reporter Dale and "difficult" newsreader Helen are thrown together in the cutthroat world of commercial TV news. Their first story: the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger.
Season 2
As Dale hosts one of the longest and most elaborate broadcasts of the decade - full coverage of Australia Day 1988 - both he and Helen hit personal and professional cross-roads. (Final)
The News At Six is approached by Geoff and Evelyn's daughter Kay Walters, who offers her story of addiction for a price, plunging Helen and Dale into an ethical dilemma.
As Australia's 1988 Bicentennial approaches, Helen is determined to interview a fiery Aboriginal activist. Meanwhile Dale quietly plans an elaborate marriage proposal.
With international stock markets in freefall, Helen is plunged into crisis when a gossip columnist threatens to expose her troubled past. Feeling hunted, she turns to embattled CEO Charlie Tate for help.
The country is rocked by a shock mass shooting in the heart of Melbourne. When Helen races to air with confronting footage of the aftermath, she is seen as exploiting the tragedy, and public sentiment shifts against her.
It's one year on and Helen and Dale are now established as 'The Golden Couple of News'. It's Election Night 1987 - Hawke vs Howard. Competitor Geoff Walters is also making a well-publicised comeback on a rival network.