The Numbers Game

October 2016

S2 Ep12 - How To Get What You Want

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How to Get What You Want - Ever been talked into buying something you didn't want, or said yes when you wanted to say no? Ever wondered why some people seem naturally persuasive while others don't? In this episode, the secrets persuasive people use to talk their way out of trouble and into triumph will be revealed. Learn how to adjust what you say, how you say it, and who says it, in order to get what you want, when you want it, from whoever you want. (S.2 Ep.12) (From the US) (Documentary Seri...

S2 Ep11 - Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

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Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse? - Did you know that if all the dead people on Earth were resurrected as zombies, they'd outnumber the living by over 15 to 1? If you want to escape with your life, you need to watch this program. Survival is a major skill we all need, and we've dug up all the numbers you require to find a way through any disaster. Whether you're facing the end of the world, a zombie apocalypse, a blackout, or just got a little lost on the way to Grandma's house, by the end...

S2 Ep10 - Can Cracking Codes Change Your Life?

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Can Cracking Codes Change Your Life? - National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-what do these movies have in common? All require their heroes to solve intricate puzzles to find the treasure and save the day. Who doesn't want to be more like these cinematic superstars? In this episode, we are going to have some fun with the idea of code breaking, show you the thought processes behind solving puzzles, and introduce you to some of the most mysterious codes in histor...
September 2016

S2 Ep9 - Are You A Jerk?

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Are You A Jerk? - Did you know that being a jerk could earn you nearly 10,000 more dollars at work? And that less-agreeable employees are more likely to be promoted than their nice-guy co-workers? If you want to tap into the benefits of being a jerk without making a long list of enemies, The Numbers Game: Are You A Jerk? is the episode for you. We'll break down what makes you a grade-A jerk versus an average nice guy, and hammer out the pros and cons of each. Then we'll reveal exactly when to b...
August 2016

S2 Ep8 - Are You Desirable?

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Are You Desirable? - Did you know that improving the way you look could earn you as much as 230,000 more dollars? And that in some studies attractive people are treated positively 63 percent of the time in terms of attention, reward, and help-giving? In just half an hour, we're going to show you how attractiveness can literally make you happier, healthier, and wealthier. Then we'll give you the tools to be more physically and socially desirable and you'll be able to change your life - without c...

S2 Ep4 - Do You Live On The Edge?

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Do You Live on the Edge? - Did you know that you make 70 conscious decisions in an average day? And if one of those decisions is to jump out of an airplane or ride a motorcycle, you might just be a daredevil. But it doesn't end there; every day, you have the chance to take a surprising number of risks in your everyday life. The Numbers Game: Do You Live on the Edge? We’ll give you all the numbers you need to find out just how much of a daredevil you really are. Then you'll pinpoint that razor-t...

S2 Ep7 - Are You A Big Liar?

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Are You a Big Liar? - Have you ever told a lie? 92 percent of people have admitted to lying during their lifetime, and those other 8 percent... well, who knows if they're telling the truth. The reality is, most people lie. But why? This program shows that it's not always about getting what you want, nor is it necessarily mean-spirited. But because lying is so prevalent, this episode shoes how to spot a lie so you don't get duped. (S.2,Ep.7) (From the US) (Entertainment Series) (Rpt) G

S2 Ep3 - Could You Be A Hero?

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Could You Be a Hero? - Did you know that one in five people will be a hero during their lifetime? This episode shows how heroes aren't necessarily the biggest or strongest among us. They can be everyday people - for example, volunteers can increase their chances of being a hero by thirty-three percent. You're going to learn what it takes to be a hero, how to hone two vital heroic skills, and learn how to control your body's hero chemical in order to be ready, whenever duty calls. (From the US) ...

S2 Ep6 - Could You Be The Boss?

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Could You Be the Boss? - How would you like to be worth 70 billion dollars? We're talking about so much money that if you laid it out end to end in singles, it would reach to the moon and back 14 times! Well for the richest boss in the world, that number is a reality. The Numbers Game: Could You Be The Boss? might not make you a multi-billionaire, but it will show you the science behind true boss-level leadership. We'll reveal our two top traits of the best bosses, then we'll give you the insid...

S2 Ep2 - Are You A Sucker?

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Are You a Sucker? - In this episode, learn how to dodge the double-crosses and spot the scams, then reveal some top-secret ways that being a sucker can actually be a good thing for your productivity, your happiness, and your bottom line. (From the US) (Entertainment Series) G