The Numtums


Season 1, Episode 38 (Never Fear, Nimbin's Here)

3.0 2 x
Nimbin has a dream about the number three, and believes that it's a warning for Champer. She promises to protect him all day long - "have no fear, Nimbin is here!"

Season 1, Episode 37 (Has Anyone Seen Hobart?)

3.0 1 x
It's time for the big trip to the Big Sandy Desert and everyone is excited except Hobart who wants to spend some time on his own. However, the Numpups persuade him to come along so he can judge their sandcastle competition.

Season 1, Episode 36 (Humpty Do, What About You?)

3.0 2 x
When Humpty Do wins a prize of 100 sherbet termites he decides to share them with his friends.

Season 1, Episode 35 (Yo Ho Bendy Go)

4.0 4 x
Bendy Go becomes pirate captain Yo Ho Bendy Go, however, Gladdy has the same idea and becomes Captain Redtail - time for a pirate contest.

Season 1, Episode 34 (Larry And Billy's Dance Game)

4.0 2 x
Larry and Billy have got a new dancing game for the Numtums to try. When the disco music starts, the lights flash in a certain pattern and the players have to step on dance pads to match this pattern.
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