The Perfect Murder

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The Perfect Murder

27-year-old Jarrod Davidson is shot dead outside his apartment in Santa Barbara, California. He was in the middle of a nasty custody dispute but the DNA doesn't match his ex-wife.

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Season 1
24-year-old Vietnamese-American Thien Minh Ly is found stabbed on the Tustin High School tennis courts. The case runs cold until detectives catch wind of new evidence.
A pretty young mother is shot dead in her bedroom in 1985, and her teenage stepdaughter confesses to the crime. But detectives suspect there's more to this twisted family.
55-year-old Newport Beach millionaire Bill McLaughlin is shot dead in his mansion. But it takes detectives 15 years to get to the bottom of this twisted case.
A Sunday school teacher named Miriam Illes is shot with a sniper through her kitchen. Convoluted evidence throw them off the scent, but the killer is right under their noses.
A 31-year-old woman named Julie Keown dies of antifreeze poisoning in Massachusetts. Detectives rule out suicide and accidental ingestion. Then, they turn to her husband, James.