The Pinky & Perky Show


Season 1, Episode 23 (It's Christmaaaas!)

3.0 32 x
It is December the 25th but no one's getting any presents and it's all Pinky and Perky's fault.
Episodes 2014

Series 1 Episode 52 The Pig Sleep (Final)

3.0 108 x
After an all night computer games session Pinky and Perky are so tired they have to present their show fast asleep.

Series 1 Episode 51 Pig Issues

3.0 83 x
Perky wishes he wasn't famous and, to his horror, gets his wish.

Series 1 Episode 50 You Must Be Joking

3.0 57 x
Pinky's hot and Perky's not, which makes him one piggin' angry porker.

Series 1 Episode 49 Pinky Goes Green

3.0 66 x
Pinky's saving the environment - and so is Perky. Will the environment survive?

Series 1 Episode 48 Piglets Of The Caribbean

3.0 60 x
Pinky and Perky are tricked into looking for pirate treasure and dig a big hole in their show.

Series 1 Episode 47 Meet The Beakles

3.0 125 x
There is a magical mystery tour awaiting our heroes when Pinky and Perky try to reform the greatest pop band ever.

Series 1 Episode 46 Robin Hood And His Merry Pigs

3.0 79 x
There is a narrow escape for our heroes when their arch rival gets a bump on her head and believes she's back in Sherwood Forest.

Series 1 Episode 45 Nanny Goat Gruff

3.0 57 x
Pinky and Perky have to sit on the naughty step of a TV nanny who wants to take over the world!

Series 1 Episode 44 No Strings Attached

3.0 55 x
Perky is scared of puppets, which is a problem as there are hundreds on the show today.