The Point

May 2018

Youth Justice - Banksia Hill Detention Centre

3.0 4 x
In a state as big as Western Australia, where do children in regional and remote parts go, if they’re sent to detention?

Youth Justice - Interview with Andrew Harvey

4.0 3 x
We spoke with the independent WA Inspector for Custodial Services Andrew Harvey.

Youth Justice - Interview with Mick Gooda

4.0 3 x
Mick Gooda is a proud Gangulu man - he's a former Social Justice Commisioner and most recently oversaw the Royal Commission into the Northern Territory's juvenile justice system.

Youth Justice - Youth Diversion Programs

3.0 3 x
Journalist Ryan Liddle takes a look at Youth Diversion programs and the role they play in keeping young people from ending up behind bars.

17 May

4.0 5 x
The Point takes a look at the nation’s youth justice system and why so many young Indigenous people are finding themselves in prison. Rangi Hirini examines the Banksia Hill youth detention facility in Western Australia and the impact on youth transported across the state to the facility. Ryan Liddle looks at the NSW inquiry into youth diversionary programs. Keenan Mundine from Weave Youth and Community Services joins Rachael Hocking and John Paul Janke as special guest host in the studio.

2018 Budget - Interview with Nigel Scullion

3.0 26 x
Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullions chats with Rachael Hocking about the 2018 Budget and what it means for Indigenous Australians.

Eurovision - Interview with Jessica Mauboy

3.0 0 x
Karla Grant caught up with Jessica Mauboy, just a few days before she left our shores for Lisbon, Portugal.

[COPY 3] Indigenous Business - SOBAH Non-Alcoholic Drinks

4.0 3 x
Indigenous Health Minister Ken Wyatt talks about what the government is doing to get our mob utilising early detection programs,

Health - Organ Donation

4.0 5 x
Organ donation can be a confronting issue in the Indigenous community. Fear and cultural beliefs mean it can be a difficult decision, both for the families of the donors as well as those receiving the organ.

Interview with Stewart A. Levitt

2.0 4 x
The Queensland Government has agreed to pay 30 million dollars to settle a class action in the Federal Court over the 2004 Palm Island riots.