The Point

August 2018

16 August

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The Point returns in a new weekly format featuring investigative journalism, celebrity interviews, international and domestic Indigenous news and live crosses to events around the nation.

Youth Justice in the NT: Women in Detention

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The number of boys in detention far outnumbers the girls - but Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are the fastest growing incarcerated population in the country, and in the Northern territory 100 per cent of female youths in detention are Aboriginal. Earlier this week, Rachael Hocking took a look at why experts say that girls continue to fare far worse than their male peers in the justice system.

Youth Justice in the NT: Youth Justice

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It was just 2 years ago that we as a nation sat shocked as images of a teenage boy shackled to a chair and his head covered were broadcast on TV. His name is Dylan Voller – his story alone will not be responsible for the change that needs to happen, but it has helped to bring attention to how our youth are being treated in detention. Ryan Liddle reports.

9 August

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The Point assembles a special panel to examine the high rates of youth incarceration in the Northern Territory. Reporter Ryan Liddle takes a look at why youth are being locked up at such high rates. Journalist Liz Deep-Jones speaks with Youth Justice Advocate Keenan Mundine about why Australia needs to raise the age at which children can be held criminally responsible. Natalie Ahmat visits the Darwin Art Fair. Hosted from Darwin by John Paul Janke and Rachael Hocking.
July 2018

26 July

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The Point takes a good look at men’s health. Ryan Liddle meets the men behind the drug and alcohol awareness group ‘Brothers for Recovery’ as they work to help prevent addiction. We follow dual international Timana Tahu as he teaches us how to eat healthy and stay fit. We also speak to Jake Gablonski about how to look after our mental health.

Our History of Protest - Australia and South Africa

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Nelson Mandela was dedicated to promoting conflict-resolution, race relations, human rights and reconciliation, something Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been fighting for since their land was taken more than 200 years ago.

Our History of Protest - Australian Hall

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In the heart of Sydney lies a building which holds special signficance to Indigenous Australians. Eighty years ago, Australian Hall was the site of the first Day of Mourning Protest.

Our History of Protest - Interview with Uncle Sam Watson

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Uncle Sam Watson is a prominent Murri activist based in Brisbane and he was present at many of the important moments of our history.

19 July

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We take a look at the history of First Nations peoples and their fight for rights through the avenue of protest as we mark what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. We also examine the courageous role Nelson Mandela played in ending apartheid in South Africa. And Reporter Ryan Liddle follows young activist Cheree Toka as she protests to keep the Aboriginal flag flying on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

NAIDOC Week - Tori Nikolau

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Worimi and Gumbaynggirr woman Tori Nikolau has overcome countless hurdles to become one of the nation’s first female, Indigenous commercial pilots.