The Real Housewives Of Potomac

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Season 6
Nicki Minaj takes over as a special guest and none of the ladies are prepared for what she's going to ask next. Ashley is pressed about her messy behaviour this season.
Gizelle and Robyn dispute their involvement in the Eddie rumors, however Wendy has some "big" receipts ready for all to see. The husbands join the stage to speak about the season.
Mia and Candiace hash out their differences, and Mia gets called out for her social media misdemeanors. Karen and Gizelle go toe-to-toe and their never-ending feud takes a turn.
The Season 6 Reunion begins with a bang as the women take the stage ready to discuss all of the drama that took place both on and off the screen.
Karen and Ray prepare to say "I do," again - and celebrate the occasion with close friends including a special surprise guest. Meanwhile, Robyn brings up issues from the past.
The group wraps up their trip with a crab boil--and things between Ashley and Gordon get heated. Upon their return to Potomac, Mia's relationship with her mother takes a turn.
Wendy's couple's trip continues, and so does the drama. Gizelle and Robyn leave in the middle of the night, furthering the tension between them and Wendy.
Candiace and Mia's argument puts a damper on Wendy's Good Vibes Only. Wendy's hosting skills are under pressure when two surprise guests are left without adequate accommodations.
The ladies and their husbands head to Maryland's Eastern Shore for a couples trip - but the Green Eyed bandits threaten to stay home due to their rocky relationship with Wendy.
Karen is ready to reveal her new candle line to the rest of the ladies, while Wendy struggles to get on equal footing. Mia's family and her mom sit down for some time together
Gizelle hits some speed bumps trying to teach her daughter Grace to drive, while Ashley's family isn't happy with Michael's proposed venture into the movie business.
After an explosive confrontation in Williamsburg, tension is at an all-time high between Wendy and the Green Eyed Bandits. As hostess, Candiace hopes the ladies can twerk it out.
The ladies work off last night's dramatic dinner with a little water aerobics. Robyn has a heart-to-heart with Gizelle about her lack of motivation, and is met with tough love.
Ashley and Michael adjust to caring for two children on a family photoshoot. Candiace's first time hosting a trip, the mood dampens after Gizelle and Karen's issues resurface.
Ashley's new baby, Dylan, makes a first impression that Gizelle will never forget. Mia opens up about her childhood trauma to Gizelle and Robyn. Wendy looks to Eddie for support.
Mia and Gordon wonder if she can repair the broken relationship with her mother. Gizelle works on showing compassion when her oldest daughter goes through a life obstacle.
Robyn struggles to get her home and work life in balance, while Wendy turns to the Grand Dame for some much needed advice. Mia shares a traumatic childhood experience.
At the Nude Interlude, the rift between Gizelle and Karen grows deeper, and unexpected sides are taken. Wendy announces a new career change, and Ashley prepares for her new baby.
It's a new day in Potomac. Ashley has a bun in the oven, Candiace has a new home of her own and Karen is set to walk down the aisle (again).
Season 5
Part one of an explosive three-part reunion begins, as the Potomac ladies come together for the first time since the altercation that divided the cast.