The Restaurant


Series 3 Episode 8 The Banquet

Expired 3.0 64 x
Series 3 Episode 8 The Banquet of The Restaurant was broadcast by ABC2 on Saturday 27 December 2014 at 14:00.

Series 3 Episode 7 The Demo

Expired 3.0 58 x
Series 3 Episode 7 The Demo of The Restaurant was broadcast by ABC2 on Saturday 20 December 2014 at 13:00.

Series 3 Episode 6 The Singles

Expired 3.0 54 x
In what are effectively the quarter-finals in his search for new restaurant partners, Raymond Blanc puts love on the menu; a challenge guaranteed to put pressure on the couples and up the enjoyment for the viewer.

Series 3 Episode 5 The Cake

Expired 2.0 59 x
The four remaining couples sweat it out at a tea dance serving afternoon tea to one hundred guests. Front of house must 'up their game' in presentation, and it's a chance for the chefs to show off their baking skills.

Series 3 Episode 4 The Seasonal Ingredient

Expired 3.0 41 x
The five remaining couples get a lesson in seasonality. Before their restaurants open Raymond sets them a challenge. They must use only fresh, local and seasonal produce to make dishes to sell at a local farmers' market.

Series 3 Episode 3 The Opening Night

Expired 3.0 50 x
It's opening night. Six couples have earned the keys to Raymond Blanc's six Bristol restaurants. Now they must prove they deserve to keep them. Against fierce competition, they need to show their concepts work.

Series 3 Episode 2 The Chain

Expired 3.0 42 x
Now seven couples are left - but to get one of Raymond's restaurants they must overcome a final obstacle. Together they must run three of the city's leading restaurants. Who will buckle under the pressure?

Series 3 Episode 1 The Pitch

Expired 3.0 38 x
Nine couples compete to go into business with award-winning chef and restaurateur Raymond Blanc. Who's got what it takes to impress?

Series 3 Episode 8 The Banquet

3.0 65 x
It's the final challenge, and only two couples remain. They must serve up a prestigious banquet for Lord and Lady Arran and their exclusive guests at their stately home in Devonshire. Who will win their own restaurant?

Series 3 Episode 7 The Demo

3.0 68 x
It's semi finals and Raymond Blanc has heaped on the pressure in order to choose the two couples to go into next week's final. The remaining couples are expected to hold a cookery master class in their restaurants.