The Royal Jewels

March 2014

S1 Ep2 - In The Tsar's Empire

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In the Tsar's Empire - This second part tells the story of the wealth of unique jewellery once owned by the imperial house of Russia. The last emperor of Russia, Nicolas II, was crowned in 1896. Most of the jewels from that period have vanished, but in the Danish Royal household one coronation brooch still exists and one tiara is worn today by Queen Elizabeth. The Russian court jewellers were Fabergé and Chaumet from Paris and W.A. Bolin from Sweden. (From Denmark, in English and French) (Docum...

S1 Ep1 - Through Generations...

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Through Generations - A nostalgic and sentimental look at the crown jewels of various European royal families. The first part looks at Denmark and Sweden and includes commentary from Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The second part (on Saturday, 31 December) looks at the Romanov Dynasty's jewels and what became of them after the Russian Revolution. (From Denmark, in English) (Documentary) G CC