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S1 Ep6 47:05

S1 Ep6

Expired 3.0 43 x
Has deputy head Mr Drew finally met his match in clever but complicated student Mollie? As Mollie finds herself on report to him, so begins a series of demanding, but often delightful, daily encounters between teacher and pupil. Another regular with Mr Drew is Mollie's equally bright sist...
S1 Ep5 47:32

S1 Ep5

Expired 3.0 37 x
Carrie and Ashleigh are at the heart of the biggest and loudest clique in school: they love clothes, boys and parties. But teenage girls also love a drama and as the best friends fall out, the argument looks set to disrupt more than their friendship, with the effects spilling into the cla...
S1 Ep4 47:30

S1 Ep4

Expired 3.0 45 x
Final year students Sky and Liam's world is turned upside down when they discover they're expecting a baby. Sky desperately wants to finish school, but will she manage to when the baby is due at the same time as her GCSEs? Luke has a troubled relationship with school. His temper is proble...
S1 Ep3 45:56

S1 Ep3

Expired 3.0 60 x
Charming but cheeky Vinni was a model student when he started at the school. But since the break-up of Vinni's parents' marriage his behaviour has deteriorated. So much so that head teacher Mr Goddard worries whether Vinni will make it to the end of Year 11. And some staff question how fa...
S1 Ep2 47:28

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.0 107 x
This episode features the age-old problem of bullying - something that every school faces. Rebel Sam and model student Gabby come from opposite ends of the academic spectrum, but both of them, in different ways, have been affected by bullying. When Gabby starts to receive threatening text...
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