The Secret Life Of Us

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The Secret Life Of Us

Jason’s got a new girlfriend, a new life. So has Richie. And Miranda. Kelly has found real love at last. Alex and Evan know they must say goodbye, but aren't quite sure how.

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Season 1
Everyone is stunned, particularly Evan, when Alex accepts a job in London. Gabrielle's reaction is to re-invent herself. Meanwhile Kelly stays "Kelly the Kool".
Jason drops a major, humiliating, revelation on Gabrielle. Richie learns the new strange laws of Gayland. Evan falls off his high horse.
Evan uses Alex to advance his career and Jason tells Gabrielle about a new woman. Will's pain continues until Kelly finds a way to help.
Alex and Evan are having trouble living with the consequences of that pash. As Richie prepares to leave Miranda, Will's world comes crashing down.
Alex and Evan's relationship worsens when Evan gets drunk and brings another woman home. The push and pull between Richie and Miranda is driving Will crazy.
Alex and Evan cross a line and can't go back. Will realizes he's falling in love with Sam.
Jason is tormented by thoughts of Mac's inventiveness in bed with Gabrielle. Alex and Kelly test Evan's determination to be celibate.
Jason is tormented by thoughts of Mac's inventiveness in bed with Gabrielle. Alex and Kelly test Evan's determination to be celibate.
Evan is voyeuristically intrigued when Alex embarks on a flirtation with Miranda's exotic friend Pandora.
Will gets stoned and in a jealous rage, tries to force himself on Sam. Evan won't let go of Carmen.
A bad moon in the sky and everyone is adversely affected. Only, Moongirl, Alex, sails through.
Gabrielle gets lucky and gets even. Richie tells Will his deepest darkest secret.
Everyone reveals life changing secrets from their past. Will is physically abused by a sadistic teacher, Miranda tells the story of her parent's marriage breakdown.
Kelly's increasingly intrigued by Nathan, a client at the 'Get Personal' Introduction Agency. But Alex is less than thrilled at the attentions of her doctor friend Eric.
Evan's confused by his feelings for Carmen. Maybe this is what love feels like? Jason makes a bad legal call which has devastating consequences for his client.
Richie has an unexpected and unprecedented sexual encounter.
Sam saves Will from his unprecedented performance problems with a sudden sexual ambush.
Jason and Gabrielle are living in married hell. Evan is falling in love with an older woman and charms her with his karaoke skills.
Alex tries to drown her self-loathing and ends up in a drunken liaison with another doctor. Kelly faces the reality of sleeping with a married man.