The Strange Chores

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The Strange Chores

When Charlie tries to infiltrate a cool gang of cockroaches, he is seduced by their carefree 'no rules' lifestyle.

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Season 3
Tasked with collecting a Dragon's tooth for the Tooth Fairy, Pierce realises some aspects of childhood are worth holding onto.
When a wish turns the manga obsessed Charlie into a real-life anime hero, Pierce and Que fear they may lose their friend forever.
Creating some Clones to help with his long list of commitments, Pierce must confront his weakness for people-pleasing, and learn how to set some boundaries.
When Dracula throws the party of the millennium, Charlie struggles to accept that he's not invited.
Season 2
Que possesses Charlie's body to help him out at school, but when she learns about the race for class captain, she sees a chance to prove how normal she can be.
Pierce accidentally erases his memory and forgets who he is! Now acting like the school bad boy, Charlie and Que have to refresh his memory.
When an ex-chores boy re-appears wearing Helsing's invisibility jacket the gang are tasked with destroying it. But can Pierce resist the temptation to be bad?
Que hates seeing Helsing and Monster Head fight and thinks she has the perfect solution - what if Monster Head had a body?
When Pierce gets an evil pimple bent on domination, he has a chance to go viral - but it might mean the end of the world...
The living toys in Helsing's basement have been too noisy! Pierce is sent to investigate, but finds himself shrunk down to lead them into battle!
Wearing Que's robotic battle suit gives Pierce the confidence he's always lacked. But he soon finds himself becoming too dependent on it.
A shapeshifting monster is loose in the house, able to disguise itself as anything - or anyone! Unhappy with some changes he's noticed lately, Charlie is convinced that one of his so-called 'friends' is not what they seem.
When Helsing's past failures are exposed, the gang travel back through time to help him succeed. But Young Helsing is a lot different than they expected...
Desperate for academic success, Pierce steals an evil mask from Helsing and uses it as his art project. Only trouble is, it makes everyone zombies!
A competition with Goblins to see who owns Helsing's House is settled on the Grassketball court as The Gang coaches a team of garden gnomes!
With a magic wand Charlie abandons his body to become a ghost like Que! But now the wand's lazy wizard owner wants his property back!
Bad Tony keeps humiliating kids at school, so Charlie plans his revenge - having Frank the Monster toss Tony into The Sun! What could go wrong?
When Wolfman appears as Charlie's new substitute teacher, school is suddenly a lot more fun. But Charlie has a feeling he's hiding his true intentions.
For Charlie to defeat a monster that feeds on embarrassment, he must humiliate himself in the school play by starring as the Rat Prince.