The Super Hero Squad Show

January 2015

Series 2 Episode 26 The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)

Expired 3.0 184 x
The six Squaddies must each face the Dark Surfer one on one, in a final battle for the fate of reality that takes them to the edge of the universe - and a last stand at the cosmic Infinity Pool!

Series 2 Episode 25 When Strikes The Surfer!

Expired 3.0 101 x
As the Dark Surfer prepares to end the universe, the half-frozen Super Hero Squad mounts a last, desperate attack, and Ms. Marvel reveals the secret of the Infinity Gauntlet!

Series 2 Episode 24 Soul Stone Picnic!

Expired 3.0 111 x
Ms. Marvel leads the Squaddies on a mission to rescue her namesake, Captain Marvel from the Dark Surfer. But when the fight traps the Squaddies in the Soul Stone, it's Captain Marvel who performs the ultimate sacrifice!

Series 2 Episode 23 Revenge Of The Baby Sat!

Expired 3.0 84 x
Attempting to go back in time to stop the Dark Surfer, the Super Hero Squad suffers a time mishap that transforms several of the Squaddies into TODDLERS!
December 2014

Series 2 Episode 22 Missing: Impossible!

Expired 3.0 86 x
Having problems at home, the Impossible Man ends up crashing with the Super Hero Squad. Looking for a way to impress his wife, the Impossible Man attempts to do something no one has been able to do - defeat the Dark Surfer!

Series 2 Episode 21 Brouhaha At The World's Bottom!

Expired 3.0 58 x
As Mr. Fantastic and Ms. Marvel make a desperate attempt to rescue the Squaddies from their extra-dimensional exile, the evil Hydra organisation besieges the distant outpost where the heroes are working.

Series 2 Episode 20 1602!

Expired 3.0 144 x
After being thrown into another dimension by the Dark Surfer, Scarlet Witch wakes up in the New World in the year 1602.

Series 2 Episode 19 Planet Hulk!

Expired 3.0 65 x
After being thrown into another dimension by the Dark Surfer, Hulk arrives on the war-torn planet, Sakaar. Meanwhile, Earth's remaining heroes struggle to save the planet - but without the Squad, they haven't a chance.

Series 2 Episode 18 The Devil Dinosaur You Say!

Expired 3.0 196 x
Wolverine finds himself in Dinosaur World. The High Evolutionary offers to help Wolverine get home if he can capture Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel and Captain America search for the missing squaddies.

Series 2 Episode 17 This Man-Thing, This Monster! Six Against Infinity: Part 3

Expired 4.0 131 x
Iron Man finds himself lost in a gloomy universe of matinee monsters. But even without his Tech Factor, Iron Man remains a hero.