The Super Switch

August 2019

Episode 13

4.0 260 x
It's the last day of the experiment as the couples prepare to head home to be reunited with their partners.

Episode 14

4.0 74 x
The couples settle back into their lives at home with their partners. Determined to get things back on track after Marcus's recent storm out, he and Aimee head out for dinner.
July 2019

Episode 11 - 24 Jul 2019

3.0 50 x
A remorseful Ben returns to the Beach Pad to face the music after his attack on his counterpart, Tyler - but not everyone is pleased to see him.

Episode 12

3.0 57 x
The girls from both mansions meet for the first time as a group, but things go badly from the start. Neesha and Olga clash over Tyler, and Olga tackles Miranda about her 'perfect' relationship.

Episode 9 - 17 Jul 2019

2.5 72 x
Relationship experts Guy Vicars and Jacqui Manning check in on the switch couples and show them videos from their real-life partners.

Episode 10

4.0 53 x
It's the final week of the experiment and the couples are in the process of meeting their counterparts. Rumours and innuendo are rampant as mixed messages are shared with dire consequences.

Episode 7

3.5 83 x
It's halfway through the experiment, and on their last day in the Northern Territory Marcus and Romina are taking some time away from the group to try and fix their relationship.

Episode 8

4.5 63 x
The couples are ready to tackle the next part of the experiment and relationship experts waste no time in setting the task - to buy the perfect gift for their real-life partners with a budget of $100.

Episode 5

4.5 82 x
With a nod to his Canadian heritage, Tyler surprises Christie by taking her ice skating, bringing them even closer. Over a candlelit dinner, Olga reveals her fears about her real partner to Ben.

Episode 6

3.0 82 x
It's been an emotional start to the trip in the Northern Territory and as the reality of the experiment kicks in, Lachlan cracks under the pressure.