The Supervet

August 2019

Season 3 Episode 26

4.0 1 x
Black Labrador Shiraz is rushed in after being hit by a car. Her leg is so badly damaged; owner Alistair is worried she might lose the leg. As Professor Noel Fitzpatrick fights to save her limb, he's not only dealing with the break but also the serious threat of infection which could limit Shiraz's hopes of recovery. Jacki...

Season 3 Episode 25

3.0 0 x
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team fight to save the leg of much loved Golden Retriever, Mikka. Julie and her daughter Lauren reach out to Noel in the hope he can offer an alternative to an amputation. Lola, a French bulldog with twisted elbows is brought in by James and Chantell. Lola's legs are so badly deformed tha...

Season 3 Episode 24

4.0 1 x
Cockapoo puppy Maya is rushed into Fitzpatrick Referrals after being hit by a car. Her leg is badly damaged leaving much of the skin dead, so Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has to embark on a series of operations including a skin graft where her leg is sewn into her stomach in an attempt to grow skin around the wound. Holly an...

Season 3 Episode 23

2.5 0 x
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick pulls out all the stops to give a rescue West Highland puppy a new lease of life. Rodney was born without back feet and with only a thin layer of skin around the stumps he is at constant risk of infection. Foster mum Kelly hopes two bionic feet will give Rodney the chance at a normal life on four...

Season 3 Episode 22

4.0 0 x
A Bengal cat called Tia is rushed to Fitzpatrick Referrals after being hit by a car which has left her pelvis shattered and her back leg paralysed. Noel must delicately reconstruct Tia’s tiny bones using a combination of rods and pins, and holding them in place with an external metal frame to give Tia’s leg a chance of men...

Season 3 Episode 21

4.0 2 x
A wild buzzard with a broken wing throws up new challenges for Professor Noel Fitzpatrick. The delicate hollow bones in the bird's wing make fixing it with a conventional splint far from straightforward. It leaves Noel with limited options, as he strives to save the bird's life, and give him back his freedom. Vicky and Bri...

Season 3 Episode 20

3.0 2 x
Alternay and her 11 year old daughter Nicole bring in their four and a half month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy Rex with a badly deformed elbow from birth. Noel carries out a complicated procedure to realign the bones in his elbow to get him out of pain and improve his ability to walk. Amie, a one year old stray cat...

Season 3 Episode 19

3.0 1 x
The odds are stacked against Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team when Murphy, a Golden Retriever puppy, is rushed in by his devastated family. A severe dog attack has left Murphy with horrific facial injuries. His jaw bone is hanging off and his life hangs in the balance. Waiting was not an option, and Noel and the tea...

Season 3 Episode 18

3.0 0 x
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick pushes the boundaries of his lifesaving medicine on a 10-month-old golden retriever. Olaf helps five-year-old Alice by reducing her anxiety which predisposes her epilepsy, but lameness has made him unable to complete his necessary training for epilepsy detection. As well as needing traditional or...

Season 3 Episode 17

3.0 0 x
Cookie, an excitable Cocker Spaniel, has been partially paralysed on her back legs since birth. She was rescued by Faye and her daughter Ellie and has been given treatment by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick before. Cookie manages to get around, but her feet are prone to infection as they scuff on the floor as she walks. This w...