The Thin Blue Line

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The Thin Blue Line

Grim tracks down criminal carol singers, and Fowler falls victim to the ruthless Gasforth Amateur Dramatics Society.

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Season 1
Fowler and Grim get their wires crossed about why they are taking a group of young offenders on a camping trip.
DI Grim does a spot of moonlighting at Scotland Yard, leaving Inspector Fowler with a bitter taste in his mouth.
College students cause chaos during the rag-week fundraiser, stretching the local constabulary's patience to breaking point.
PC Habib is in demand: Inspector Fowler asks her for his pub quiz team and DI Grim wants to use her as bait in a police operation.
Constable Goody turns green with envy when Constable Habib falls in love with a dashing fireman.
Raymond prepares to celebrate the Queen's birthday, oblivious to the fact that it's his tenth anniversary with Patricia.