The Trump Presidency: As It Happened

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The Trump Presidency: As It Happened

Trump's tumultuous final year as president begins with an impeachment acquittal. But everything changed when the pandemic took over, and riots broke out across the country.

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June 2024
Trump versus Biden is on, and things don’t look good for the incumbent. Covid dominates his campaign. Relive the 2020 election, and the events that led to the chaos of Jan 6.
Following a tumultuous campaign, Donald Trump came out on top and officially became the 45th President of the United states. Trump wasted no time in taking action, and shaking up the status quo.
From the moment he went down the golden escalator to the moment he won. This is how Donald Trump became president. History, as it happened. What lessons can be learned from the Trump playbook?
Trump makes history in Singapore, but trouble is brewing at home as new scandals continue to come to light, as the President turns on the media like never before.
The year begins with a government in shutdown. Controversy builds as the Mueller Report into Russian collusion is handed down, leading to the historic impeachment of President Donald Trump.