The Unlisted

September 2020

Season 1, Episode 9

4.0 0 x
Rose and Gemma make plans to meet with another Unlisted kid, Mack. At school, the new caste system stirs resentment among some of the students, and Kal begins to enjoy his Elite status a little too much.

Season 1, Episode 8

3.0 0 x
Horrified by what has happened to Jiao, the twins team up with Bua to bring down Infinity Group from the inside. But as the GCI takeover continues at school, the boys are barely able to maintain their cover.

Season 1, Episode 7

4.0 0 x
Jiao earns the twin's trust when he helps them out of a sticky situation, but his intervention rouses the suspicion of class bully Regan. A field trip to GCI headquarters sees the boys entering the lion's den.
August 2020

Season 1, Episode 15

3.0 6 x
The Unlisted and Dru make a last-ditch attempt to bring down Infinity Group. Emma Ainsworth introduces Kal to the world, and makes a surprising discovery that threatens to derail the organisation's sinister plan.
June 2020

Season 1, Episode 6

4.5 21 x
Kymara makes a mistake that places the other Unlisted in danger. The twins face increased scrutiny following a new arrival at the Sharma house, Chinese exchange student Jiao.
May 2020

Season 1, Episode 5

4.3 20 x
Tim returns to school, but he is behaving strangely. Discovery of the tunnel puts the Unlisted in jeopardy, and the twins have to decide whether they can trust their Bua when she accepts a job with the GCI.

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 10 x
From their tunnel hideout, the unnamed kids debate whether to meet with the twins. Meanwhile, Kal threatens to expose his double implant when he displays super strength during a kabaddi match, umpired by his Dadi.
December 2019

Season 1, Episode 14

3.0 8 x
The Unlisted attempt to bring down the mainframe at HQ - but walk into a trap. Under complete mind control, Kal becomes an Infinity stooge, and sets out to track Dru down.

Season 1, Episode 12

3.0 12 x
As Infinity Group's hunt for missing children ramps up, the Unlisted make themselves at home in the Sharma house. Dadi becomes a powerful ally when she stumbles across the kids. But Kal's behaviour grows increasingly erratic.

Season 1, Episode 11

3.0 54 x
The twins manage to get a message to Rose and Mack through Bua. An elaborate escape plan goes awry when Regan gets involved, and the kids have to act fast to avoid being found out - or worse.