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The Vloggingtons

Marvyn is about to recreate a scene from Space Kumara with his action figures until he discovers his mum has thrown them all out. Marvyn and his friends try to track them down.

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Season 1
Kina says he will win every challenge in the All-Nighter Challenge with his friends. But when Marvyn suggests they tell scary stories, Kina is suddenly less confident.
Season 2
Kina doesn't believe it will be his fault if things get broken during a game of 'Not My Arms'. Will his dad agree? Kina and Marvyn dare to find out.
The day of the Song and Step Regionals has arrived. Flo and Roz have a song and a step, but have they got the best finish? Warren doesn't think so, but then he's more of a fan of Wrestle Fever.
Marvyn is about to unbox the new Voxxan socks when his cat steals the limelight, and Marvyn's attempt to avoid his chores results in negative consequences when he hides in a bin and is thrown into a garbage truck.
Flo and Roz need to come up with a song for the Song and Step Regionals. Inspired by their favourite pop star, Vibez, they use the power of BFFs to come up with 'whatevs'.
Marvyn and Roz give the wheel a spin to come up with some new slimy concoctions. It's all great fun until Marvyn's suitcase of charms and flairs runs out and someone opens a jar of pickles.
Kina has just started karate and believes he is now a full-on ninja instructor. But his lessons are interrupted by the hot water cupboard that's ready to blow.
When Roz, Flo, and Lise discover their favourite show, Unicorn Kitchen, is cancelled, the three friends try to recreate it. Kina is also on hand to help...or not.
Flo, Kina, Roz, and Marvyn find themselves in the backyard with only some old toys for fun - if only they knew how they worked.
Season 1
The Vloggingtons look at some clips to come up with their next video. Roz gets distracted after her mum leaves a message with a cute puppy emoji.
Marvyn needs an invention for this year's video science fair, so he builds a robot to help him come up with something.
Roz has read all the Dragonswort and Wizard Friends books and is confident she can do pretty much any magic trick. Hopefully, she can magic her mum's phone back to life after she soaks it in water.
Flo and Roz are on a farm stay holiday where they have set up a hair salon. Flo has come up with some great styles in the past, and today the heat tongs are on to find the next hot look.