The Walk-In

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Season 1
'Walk-In' Robbie Mullen must face his former friends from National Action in court. The right-wing terrorists are accused of plotting to murder an MP but the case will stand or fall on Mullen's attempt to paint himself as a reformed character.
As the police build their case, activist Matthew Collins must keep far right 'Walk-In' Robbie Mullen safe. But he brings his own family in danger when his young children are targeted. As he tries to help Mullen, Collins' own past as a former BNP member comes back to haunt him.
Mullen comes under suspicion within National Action, but he refuses the offer of a new life and a new identity on the witness protection program. He wants to walk away from everything, but without his evidence those planning the murder of Rosie Cooper MP may escape justice. Activist Matthew Collins is forced to take Mullen...
National Action insider Robbie Mullen reaches out to Matthew Collins and Hope Not Hate to try and prevent the murder of another MP. But in doing so, he puts himself in danger.
The far-right in Britain seizes on political unrest caused by the Brexit referendum and Muslim terrorist attacks, culminating in the murder of MP Jo Cox. Activist Matthew Collins must penetrate an ultra-far-right group planning more outrages, but police intelligence on the group is hazy.