The Wall: Cover Your Tracks

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The Wall: Cover Your Tracks

Celine sees the pattern behind the murders: the victim, the executioner, and the matriarch behind it all. She soon realises her daughter is in danger.

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Season 1
Celine and Alex uncover the identity of a man; a new corpse is discovered; Celine figures out who the killer is.
A new disappearance worries the police and Dave doesn't show up for work; the fleeing duo is caught, and Anthony makes troubling confessions.
Celine begins to understand the killer: he murders people who are already victims in some way; Anthony and Raphaelle are on the run.
Celine believes that multiple murders are connected, while Jacques refuses to admit there's a serial killer and doesn't send reinforcements.
Celine and Alexandre make progress with the investigation; they learn that on the night she disappeared, Justine left the bar with a mysterious man.
In the small town of Fermont, Celine and Alexandre must solve the murder of a woman who was found inside the city's "wall," wearing a Chinese mask.