The World From Above


S3 Ep13 - France: Calais To Caen

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France: Calais To Caen - Fly low over the beaches of Normandy in France, where the D-day landings took place. (S.3,Ep.13) (From the UK) (Documentary Series) G CC

S3 Ep12 - Scotland: Stirling To Cawdor Castle

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Scotland: Stirling To Cawdor Castle - This journey starts at the historic city of Stirling in the southern lowlands of Scotland. Then head towards the university town of St Andrews and its famous golf course. Along the dramatic coastline with its red cliffs is the mighty 10th-century Dunnotar Castle. At Aberdeen, turn inla...

S3 Ep11 - Delaware: Wilmington To Rehoboth

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Delaware: Wilmington To Rehoboth - The World from Above is a unique continuing series of aerial programmes offering an entirely different view of the world. (S.3,Ep.11) (From the UK) (Documentary Series) G CC

S3 Ep10 - Italy: Straits Of Messina To The Bay Of Naples

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Italy: Straits Of Messina To The Bay Of Naples - This journey begins at the Straits of Messina before heading north up the coast to the resort town of Tropea. Continuing north past a striking coastline and hill top villages we come to Paestum, one of the greatest Greek archaeological sites of the ancient world. Further nor...

S3 Ep9 - England: Cromer To Belvoir Castle

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England: Cromer To Belvoir Castle - This journey starts on the north coast of East Anglia at the resort town of Cromer, before heading along the coast towards the old fishing harbour of Blakeney. Heading inland past a series of magnificent country houses we take a look at the current queen's royal Residence at Sandringham....

S3 Ep8 - Germany: Plauen To Konigstein Castle

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Germany: Plauen To Konigstein Castle - This series flies across some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the world. This episode explores from Plauen To Konigstein Castle in Germany. (Ep.8) (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S3 Ep7 - Massachusetts: Plymouth Rock To Gloucester Via Boston

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Massachusetts: Plymouth Rock to Gloucester - This aerial journey begins near the town of Plymouth, where the Pilgrim Fathers' ship, the Mayflower, has been reconstructed. On the way north towards the capital of Massachusetts, Boston, we pass the town of Quincy, home to the second president - John Adams. Much of the early h...

S3 Ep6 - Portugal: Linhares Castle To Lisbon

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Portugal: Linhares Castle to Lisbon - This aerial journey begins towards the middle of Portugal at Linhares Castle, before heading south-west towards the beautiful city of Coimbra and its ancient university. From there we look at two spectacular monasteries at Batalha and Tomar before heading for the coast at the resort to...

S3 Ep5 - Wales: Ruthin To Mount Snowdon

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Wales: Ruthin to Mount Snowdon - The aerial journey begins in the heart of North Wales, at the historic town of Ruthin. From the ruins of the medieval Denbigh Castle, it heads along the golden beaches and resort towns of the north coast. At Conway Bay, it’s south-west and past the largest slate quarry in Wales before turni...

S3 Ep4 - South Carolina: Mepkin Abbey To Hilton Head Island

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South Carolina: Mepkin Abbey to Hilton Head Island - This aerial journey begins at Mepkin Abbey on the Cooper River before heading east to the historic Hampton Plantation and then on to the coast, where it follows marshland and inlets before flying over the enormous Francis Marion National Forest. To the south is a large n...