Think Tank


Joko Widodo

3.5 54 x
President Joko Widodo thinks that Indonesia wants to move towards abolishing the death penalty & urges Australia to adopt a soft approach to Islamic radicalism in this interview with Indonesia Bureau Chief, Samantha Hawley.

Cultural Crush

3.0 67 x
From Sydney's Spectrum Now Festival two ABC presenters get their chance to interview their dream subject. Annabel Crabb talks to author Frank Moorhouse while Richard Glover interviews actress and writer Kate Mulvaney.

January 29, 2016

3.0 87 x
Editor In Chief of the Australian Women's Weekly, Helen McCabe, delivers the annual lecture in honour of ABC broadcaster Andrew Olle who died from a brain tumour in 1995.
Episodes 2015

December 25, 2015

3.0 361 x
Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating speaks to Kerry O'Brien at the Sydney Opera House in a wide ranging conversation about a life filled with political and cultural activism.