This Time Next Year


Episode 8

4.0 71 x
In the series finale, meet a man born with gender dysphoria ready to transform his life and become a woman. A former policeman paralysed by a car crash sets his sights on the Paralympics, and a grandmother strives for her black belt in karate.

Episode 6

4.0 248 x
An 18-year-old aims to fly solo around the world. Can a woman overcome her fear of dentists and seek treatment she needs? A country girl endeavours to lose weight and find love, and a mother-of-two fighting cancer ticks off her bucket list.

Episode 5

3.0 131 x
An amputee pledges to fulfil her dream of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a 60-year-old man searches for his birth mother and a blind sixteen year old boy dreams of waterskiing competitively.

Episode 3

4.0 135 x
After a horrific car crash, a father of three is determined to get back in the saddle and ride his horse again. A 16 year old has a prominent birthmark removed after years of bullying, and an osteopath's dream of running away to the circus.

Episode 4

3.5 139 x
Bali bombing victim Peter Hughes is determined to find love. A former student from Africa tracks down his Australian primary school teacher to thank her for changing his life, and a quadriplegic vows to walk down the aisle to marry her love.

Episode 2

4.0 162 x
After shedding 90kg, a young man pledges to lose excess skin an regain his confidence. A nine-year-old BMX rider vows to perform an incredible stunt, a pro-surfer faces his fears after a near death experience and a family's struggle with IVF.

Episode 1

4.3 566 x
Inspirational people from across Australia pledge to change their lives by this time next year. In the premiere; a farmer looking for love, a child genius, an office worker becomes a stuntwoman and a brave mum's desire to walk again.