Thomas And Friends: All Engines Go!

Season 25

Season 25, Episode 27 - Tiger Train

4.5 12 x
When Yong Bao visits Sodor, a jealous Thomas sets out to prove he's the braver train - and challenges Yong Bao to a series of bravery challenges, only to have his plan backfire.

Season 25, Episode 51 - Skiff Sails Sodor

4.0 14 x
When Skiff gets a crack in his hull, Thomas needs to move him overland to Harwick for repairs, but Skiff's discomfort on flat land makes that challenging.

Season 25, Episode 50 - A New View For Thomas

4.5 13 x
When Thomas spends the day carrying rockstar idol, Harold, across Sodor, he gains a new perspective on just how amazing it is to be his engine-self.

Season 25, Episode 49 - Nia's Surprising Surprise

4.0 30 x
Nia is planning a big party to celebrate the anniversary of her arrival on Sodor, but she finds that her friends are too busy to even talk about it, let alone attend.

Season 25, Episode 48 - Sir Topham Hatt's Hat

3.0 14 x
When Sir Topham Hatt's Hat blows away in the wind before making an important announcement, Thomas and his friends race around Sodor, trying to catch it. The Hat remains out of reach until they learn to work together.

Season 25, Episode 47 - More Cowbell

4.0 13 x
Thomas is elated when he finds a cowbell on the side of the tracks, until his friends start hogging it.

Season 25, Episode 46 - Goodbye, Ghost Scaring Machine

1.5 18 x
Percy announces he's giving up his Ghost Scaring Machine -- he's too old for it now. It soon becomes clear that the machine is good for more than just "scaring ghosts."

Season 25, Episode 45 - Pop A Wheelie

4.0 12 x
Thomas and Diesel take a friendly competition too far and put an important delivery rescue at risk as they race across Sodor.

Season 25, Episode 44 - A Rusty Rescue

3.7 25 x
When Thomas throws away Diesel's favourite oil can thinking it's trash, he makes a promise to get it back... and learns it's better not to touch things that aren't yours.

Season 25, Episode 43 - Ghost Train

4.0 14 x
Percy has to deliver the mail on Halloween when everyone knows the legendary Ghost Train comes out! Thomas rolls along to help Percy face his fears, but when a "real" Ghost Train appears... things get almost spooky.