Throwback: Our Childhoods Revisited

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Season 2018
Peter Combe has told generations of kids to 'Wash Your Face In Orange Juice' and 'Clean Your Teeth With Bubble Gum'. Now peek inside his eccentric world, where nothing is ever too silly.
She's sold more than 18 million books and inspired generations of young Australian readers. Get ready to meet Jennifer Rowe, or as you probably know her, Emily Rodda.
From small town New South Wales to the world stage, the man behind the 'Wake up, Jeff' shares his story of finding fame by falling asleep.
Few kids TV shows have pushed boundaries like The Ferals. Meet the maker behind the iconic sewer dwellers: author, illustrator and master of puppets Tina Matthews.
Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton might be best-selling authors, but that doesn't mean they want to be taken seriously. Meet the dynamic duo behind some of Australia's most anarchic children's literature.
Dolly Magazines' Dolly Doctor was the go-to for teens desperate to learn the ins and outs of sex, relationships and growing up. Introducing Melissa Kang, the doctor who answered the questions you couldn't ask your parents.
The Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book has become an Australian childhood staple. Author and baker extraordinaire Pamela Clark takes us back to the test kitchen where it all began.
Driven by the trauma of his adolescent years, John Marsden reflects on the unlikely path that took him from despairing student to celebrated author and educator.