To Build or Not To Build

June 2016

Fri 24 Jun, season 2 episode 13

3.0 15 x
We follow Wendy and Ray Black from Suffolk who are building a modern home in the style of a traditional country cottage.

Fri 17 Jun, season 2 episode 12

3.0 15 x
Airline pilot Chris McHale's got clearance to build a fabulous family home in Surrey and it's anything but a smooth flight.

Fri 10 Jun, season 2 episode 11

3.0 11 x
Karl and Lesley Greaves' face a battle with the planners and their neighbours when attempting to build their dream family home near Leeds.

Fri 3 Jun, season 2 episode 10

3.0 9 x
We follow Raymond and Helen Humphrys as they build an eco-friendly country cottage in Cambridgeshire.
May 2016

Fri 27 May, season 2 episode 9

3.0 14 x
Professional builder Scott Nichols is taking a busman's holiday to build an eco-cottage for himself and his partner Emma Robinson in the picturesque Bedfordshire village of Felmersham.

Fri 20 May, season 2 episode 8

3.0 15 x
Landscape gardener John Barraclough has swapped top soil for cement as he single-handedly builds his own home in Northamptonshire.

Fri 13 May, season 2 episode 7

3.0 20 x
Can long distance lorry driver Andy Scott and his wife Carol navigate a difficult road while self-building a new home made from polystyrene blocks in North Yorkshire?

Fri 6 May, season 2 episode 6

3.0 16 x
We follow Becky and Steve Warboys as they battle against the planners, the weather and the views of the villagers to build their dream family home in York.
April 2016

Fri 29 Apr, season 2 episode 5

3.0 16 x
Retired couple Dick and Irene Atkin are selling their spacious family home in Edwalton, Nottingham and building a modern German kit-home just around the corner.

Fri 22 Apr, season 2 episode 4

3.0 14 x
Will Michael Howlett succeed when it comes to building two eco-houses out of straw in Pembroke Dock, or will this ambitious project be the final straw?