Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

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Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

Tony Robinson explores machines that help us mere mortals become superhuman. From a tree-chopping-device faster than twenty lumberjacks, to a jet-powered suit that could be worn by flying paramedics. These heroic machines help us do jobs faster, safer, and better.

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Season 1
Tony Robinson leaps into the future to explore artificial intelligence. From a humanoid robot that answers back, to the little workhorses that make next-day delivery possible; AI is ushering in a whole new generation of marvellous machines.
Tony Robinson meets the mighty machines that do the real heavy lifting. From a vehicle that snatches super yachts out of the water, to a bridge building mechanical monster. These are the Goliaths that put us mere mortals to shame.
Tony Robinson uncovers machines that are the world's unsung heroes. From a vehicle that makes airport runways safe for landing, to the atomic clocks keeping humankind on time, these heroic machines save our modern lives from grinding to a halt.