Tony Robinson: The Thames At Night

Tony Robinson: The Thames At Night catch up

March 2022

S4 Ep4

3.0 21 x
Tony’s on the West London stretch of the Thames and here he discovers how night shift workers contend with the river’s tides. He joins the fire service based at Lambeth who deal with emergencies on the river, as they practise rescuing a body from the freezing waters in the pitch black.
February 2022

S4 Ep3

4.0 23 x
Tony reveals how the Thames plays a vital role in keeping London - and beyond - on the move, and how it’s a 24-7 operation. When the transport network is so busy during the day, it’s only at night that crucial maintenance and repairs can be done.

S4 Ep2

4.0 23 x
Tony starts his journey in Greenwich, with behind-the-scenes access to the Royal Observatory, on the banks of the Thames. Here he discovers the vital role the observatory played in helping sailors navigate the globe.

S4 Ep1

4.0 28 x
Tony is exploring the stretch of the Thames from the estuary - where the river meets the sea - to the Thames Barrier. It’s here, at the Barrier itself, where he begins his journey, as he’s given a unique invitation to its control room, to see for himself how they keep London safe throughout the night.